To reach any of our staff members, call us at 724-357-2598.

Professional Staff

Dr. Roger Briscoe

Executive Director of Student Inclusion

139 Elkin Hall

Debbie Butler

Administrative Assistant

129 Elkin Hall

Leslie Coates

Assistant Director of Multicultural Affairs and Student Success

135 Elkin Hall

Tedd Cogar

Senior Assessment Coordinator and LGBTQIA Support

140 Elkin Hall

Donovan Daniel

Assistant Director of Student Involvement and Leadership Development

134 Elkin Hall

Betsy Sarneso

Assistant Director Fraternity/Sorority Life and Student Engagement

136 Elkin Hall

Graduate Staff

Prince Atsise

Graduate Assistant

Multicultural Affairs and Student Success

131 Elkin Hall

Tiffany Feil

Graduate Assistant

Fraternity/Sorority Life

133 Elkin Hall

Ivy Slope

Graduate Assistant

LGBTQIA+ Support

137 Elkin Hall