Six O'Clock Series

The Six O’Clock Series provides IUP students, employees, and community members an opportunity to learn about current issues and approach familiar topics from a new perspective.

Programs occur on Monday evenings at 6:00 p.m. virtually via Zoom. Programs end at 7:30 p.m. Check the schedule for the program links. A listing of Six O’Clock Series events is also available as a poster (PDF file).

All lectures are free and available to the public as well as the campus community. The lectures are targeted to an audience of college students and employees so all topics may not be appropriate for children.

Business Attire Fashion Show

February 14: We’ll have four of the authors of the Constitution on hand to speak with you directly about whether it’s time that the Constitution be updated.

My Road to Success After IUP: Chef Arnold Ivey, IUP Alumnus and TV Star

February 21: IUP alumnus, Chef Ivey, will tell his story related to the challenges of being a Black chef in the late 1990s and how his education at IUP prepared him for the next level in his career.


February 28: Escalation is a film that depicts how unhealthy behaviors can escalate into violence in relationships. It will help you recognize relationship abuse and how to safely get out of an unhealthy relationship.

Finding Passion, Purpose, and the Pursuit of Happiness

March 7: This is an interactive workshop designed for college students to strengthen and develop their sense of passion and purpose. Having this tool during college can help guide a student towards their academic and professional goals, increase their confidence as a growing professional, and develop a high sense of self-value.

The Importance of Local Elections and Voting

March 21: This program will be a chance for students and the community to learn about the upcoming primary election in Pennsylvania, including informational resources to research running candidates.

Maximizing Your Executive Presence for Success

March 28: Regardless of what you believe about how leaders evolve, we all have the capacity to lead. How do we make this happen, especially if it doesn't come naturally? We establish executive presence using tips, tricks, and tools based on best practices and research. We will provide you with tactics for standing out as a leader.

Advocating for Change: The Catholic Church and Childhood Sexual Abuse

April 4: From confronting the priest who sexually abused him as a child on the CBS National News to giving testimony at the Vatican’s 2019 Summit on Childhood Sexual Abuse, Shaun Dougherty has had quite the journey. He will tell his personal story of how he became a victim, to being an internationally recognized advocate for legislative changes, to statutes of limitations laws.

An Evening with IUP Alumna Anhia Zahira Santana aka Distortedd

April 11: IUP alumna Anhia Zahira Santana, aka Distortedd, is a Philly-born visual artist, illustrator, and animator who creates her own original characters, as well as twists on pop-culture fixtures. Come out and hear her tell her story as a successful IUP alumna.

If Facebook Can Ban Haters, Why Can’t a University Campus?

April 18: If universities value diversity and inclusion, then why don’t they do something about students who make derogatory posts? A noted constitutional expert will explain why public universities can’t punish offensive speech and why that’s a good thing.