Our goal is to create and protect a unified voice of the university in everything we do—all of us across the IUP community. That extends to the way we represent IUP visually. Beyond the IUP logo, we have set a number of graphic identity standards designed to achieve that consistency.

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Never underestimate the power of our university logo. It is a consistent reminder of the core values we all share and sets the stage for all messaging and communication that follows.

IUP "block" logoThe consistent and proper use of the iconic IUP "block" logo strengthens our recognition and should be used to maximize our visibility while maintaining a unified and identifiable look.

No more wave. No more soaring hawk. This logo replaces all previous institutional logos as the preferred graphic identifier. We use it to represent the academic and administrative programs of IUP.

How to Apply the IUP Logo


When color is an option, the logo should always appear in IUP PMS 201 C Crimson, or the approved equivalent for web or process color.


When rendering the logo on IUP Crimson, it must be white.


Always leave a clear area equal to the width of the "I" around the logo. No text, images, edges, or other elements should overlap this border.


When color printing isn't an option, the logo must appear in black, not a tonal gray.


When rendering the logo on a colored field that is NOT IUP Crimson, it must be white.


The logo should always appear at a legible size. Never go below a height of 25px for digital applications or 1/4" for print applications. Consider if the scale of the logo will present issues with legibility and crispness for other applications (e.g., signage).

Combining the Logo with IUP or Department Name

In some cases, our logo needs to be in a "lockup" with the full university name or a departmental name. Our first goal is always finding ways in which the logo can stand for itself—think big brand first. When that is not possible, please contact our brand management team to receive a version with an attached wordmark.

Additional Logo Treatments: Full Title

The university name lockups all follow the same rules as subunit versions. The only difference is that the name of the university is applied in a heavier weight font to heighten it as the master brand.


When reversed, all elements of the lockup are applied in white.

Additional Logo Treatments: Subunits

Maintaining a unified appearance across the Indiana University of Pennsylvania brand enterprise is important to establish IUP as a reliable and professional organization.

Lockup System

The lockup system was designed to provide a variety of ways to create branding for the university, schools, offices, alliances, and sub-brands that make up IUP. The lockups cover a range from formal to casual and have multiple hierarchies to allow different groups to take the lead in a particular branded application or allow multiple groups to be represented as equal partners.

To request the appropriate lockup for your application and needs, please contact IUP brand management.


When reversed, all elements of the lockup are applied in white.

Additional Logo Treatments: Flexible Four

The lockup system was designed to provide flexibility for both the imprint area of the mark and the subunit of emphasis. One of these four versions can be applied to most imprint applications.


Left justified (for square and horizontal rectangle applications)


Centered (for square and vertical rectangle applications)


Hard horizontal (for elongated horizontal rectangle applications)

Additional Logo Treatments: Eight and Under, Double Justified

In rare instances, a subunit with a very short name (of eight characters or fewer), will have a lockup that is both centered and double justified to both the left (The "I" in IUP) and the right (The "P") in IUP.


When reversed, all elements of the lockup are applied in white.

Additional Logo Treatments: Formal and Casual

Tailored Lockups

Formal lockups use the full name of the subunit with either a discipline emphasis or a college emphasis. Semiformal lockups use the full name of the subunit but have no particular emphasis and maintain equality in sizing of the subunit name. The formal lockups should be used when communication is being addressed to groups outside of IUP, such as potential investors, prospective students, or professional organizations.

Casual lockups can be used for communication addressed to internal groups, such as students and faculty. These audiences are already familiar with IUP and will be able to recognize where the communication originated in an abbreviated form.


Formal (Discipline Emphasis)


Formal (College Emphasis)


Semi-formal (No Emphasis)



The IUP Seal

IUP SealIt's our ace in the hole. The IUP seal is the most formal of IUP's graphic identifiers and is generally reserved for use in similarly formal and official documents. This includes the following:

  • Diplomas

  • Awards

  • Certificates

  • Medals

  • Contracts

  • Class rings

Do not use the seal unless working directly with our office on one of the above or a similar use. Using older versions of the seal or parts of any version is never permitted.

IUP Athletics Logos

Athletic hawks logo We get it—the hawk looks awesome. But, given the importance of the university logo, we cannot confuse our academic and athletics marks.

These logos are to be used only for Athletics Department teams and programs, including varsity athletics teams, club sports, and associated programs. Any other use is prohibited without the express permission of the Marketing and Communications Office.

The IUP Colors

Our core colors are crimson and gray. That won't change anytime soon. Any work for the university should start there. Black and white are key components of the IUP brand, too. The brand color palette also includes two accent colors. You'll find them displayed below, but we discourage you from trying to implement them on your own. They're tricky and require the touch of a professional designer.

To make sure that our colors are displayed accurately in all channels, you can use the codes below for help. Quick tip: CMYK is best for print, while RGB is best for digital channels.

IUP Crimson

PMS: 201.C

CMYK: 0, 100, 63, 29

RGB: 158, 27, 50


IUP Gray

PMS: 179-12

CMYK: 63, 55, 54, 28

RGB: 90, 90, 90

HEX: #5a5a5a

Gradient Treatment



CMYK: 8, 29, 100, 0

RGB: 236, 181, 27

HEX: #ecb51b

Typography and Fonts

The IUP brand uses three typefaces: Avenir by Linotype GmbH, Prospectus Pro S by Lost Type, and Adobe Garamond from Adobe Originals. (There are alternative versions of Garamond available on different platforms.)

  • Avenir is a geometric sans-serif typeface designed by Adrian Frutiger. It is designed for legibility, and it has a harmonious and sensible appearance for both texts and headlines.
  • Prospectus Pro S has a classic academic look, but with a sharp, modern edge.
  • Garamond is an old-style serif, meaning that its strokes and serifs have a slightly more organic, handwritten feeling than transitional or modern serifs.

How to use Avenir

The Avenir family is made up of designs with gradual weight changes in order to satisfy the needs of specific text applications. While the book and light weights have similar stroke widths, the book weight is well suited for body text, whereas the light was designed for captions and subhead text. Medium, Heavy, and Black are used for sub-headlines and titles.

How to use Prospectus Pro S

Prospectus Pro S uses three styles: Regular, Italic, and Light. The italic style is only meant for use in body copy, never for singular or large applications.

How to use Garamond

This typeface communicates classicism, tradition, and grace. Perfect for publishing or brand use with a focus on editorial tradition. The typeface family may be used for editorial storytelling or publishing projects. A distinctive italic style is well suited for emphasizing a message.

Fonts for IUP Seal, Wordmark, and University Subunits

Wordmarks that are in "lockup" with the IUP logo do not use Prospectus Pro S or Garamond. Please contact our brand management team for help with these elements.

Other Graphic Elements

Beyond the basics, our designers also use a number of other graphic elements to make IUP marketing messages stand out. The below elements are for reference only. Please connect with our brand management team for help with materials that require these elements.


gradient pattern

In our materials, you will sometimes find an magenta-orange-yellow gradient. We use it to highlight text, color an image, or fill smaller vector elements. It should never be a background or large field of color.

White Space

Sometimes, choosing not to employ some of our graphic elements is a powerful design decision. Negative space (as well as the presence of the color white) creates designs that don't feel overwhelming, busy, and hard to discern.

Growth Patterns

Organic growth patterns that resemble tree rings and concentric rectangles suggest growth and activation. You'll find them as subtle additions to add texture, depth, and direction. They never enter the foreground or dominate the design.

Wood Texture

wood grain pattern

Used to embellish imagery, frame content, and create background texture.


We use a consistent set of icons that are geometric, simple, and monoweight. You'll find them in spots where they embellish photography, illustrate concepts, or improve the hierarchy of content.

Trademark Information

All of IUP's trademarks, service marks, logos, and identifiers are owned by Indiana University of Pennsylvania and cannot be used or reproduced without permission from the chief marketing officer.

The requirement to secure permission for use of a trademark, service mark, logo, or identifier applies to both on- and offline uses, including use on social media accounts.

Permission to use university-owned trademarks, service marks, logos, and identifiers is ordinarily granted only to offices and departments within Indiana University of Pennsylvania itself that are staffed by full-time employees.

Permission may be granted for the production of licensed apparel and other items. The Indiana University of Pennsylvania licensing program is handled via our licensing agent, the Student Co-operative Association.

Indiana University of Pennsylvania does not grant permission for the use of its trademarks, service marks, logos, and identifiers on social media accounts not controlled by the university.

Creating and Requesting Graphic Assets

Complying with all these guidelines and standards can be complicated. Our template library integrates all of them, helping you build better brand-appropriate marketing collateral.

Never try to create assets like the IUP logo from scratch or pull them from another document. That leads to inconsistencies we try to avoid. Instead, look for help from our office to get the right assets, implemented the right way.