Groups at IUP charged with making a difference on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

University-Wide Offices and Commissions

Diversity and Inclusion Commission

The President's Commission on Diversity and Inclusion is appointed by the president and charged with examining diversity and inclusion practices, recommending a vision for diversity and inclusion to the president, recommending high-impact action steps, and assessing the implementation of those action steps. The commission created the Diversity Action Plan, which presents 34 recommendations for action on issues of diversity and inclusion at IUP.

Hispanic Heritage Council

The Hispanic Heritage Council serves as a dynamic resource group to promote diverse Hispanic participation across the campus. The group is committed to fostering the appreciation and understanding of Hispanic culture.

LGBTQIA+ Commission

Created in 1998, the University Commission on LGBTQIA+ is an advisory group to the Social Equity and Title IX Office and the president. The purpose of the commission is to improve the climate for diversity within IUP, and to specifically address issues affecting the welfare of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender members of the university community.

Native American Awareness Council

The Native American Awareness Council was formed to educate the university and the wider Indiana community about historical and contemporary issues in Native America, paying special attention to the present situations of Native peoples. The group sponsors various outreach efforts in an effort to separate stereotypes from realities of indigenous Americans.

Social Equity and Title IX Office

The Social Equity and Title IX Office coordinates the university's efforts to ensure that IUP policies, systems, organizational structures, practices, and activities support diversity and inclusion. The office collaborates with campus partners on diversity recruitment and retention efforts, diversity programming, and all aspects of support and compliance regarding civil rights and Title IX incidents and issues.

Women's Commission

The President's Commission on the Status of Women at IUP is part of a larger network of such commissions at all 14 member universities of the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. All are charged with examining the status of women at the individual universities, identifying areas that need improvement, recommending solutions for problems, promoting networking, and encouraging leadership among women.

Additional Groups

Black Experience Alumni Committee

This committee's mission is to advocate and recommend solutions toward social and educational equity for students.

Difficult Dialogues, IUP Chapter

The Difficult Dialogues National Resource Center (DDNRC) seeks to contribute to transformative change among higher education institutions and their partners by advancing innovative dialogic practices to address the multiple and persistent challenges to justice and equity.  The local chapter holds workshops open to all faculty, students, and staff.

Department for Disability Access and Advising

D2A2 works with students with a range of disabilities to address environmental barriers and competitive disadvantages through accommodations and services to ensure a fair and accessible learning environment.

College of Education and Communications Diversity and Inclusion Standing Committee

This committee meets monthly to address diversity-related issues in the College of Education and Communications with the goal of preparing students to interact effectively in an increasingly diverse and multicultural world.

Haven Project

Haven Project is the department on campus that assists students with the issues of sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, and stalking.

College of Health and Human Services: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

This committee encourages and supports departments in their efforts to foster a diverse environment that respects and welcomes differing points of view and affirms unique experiences.

Holocaust Remembrance Committee

The Holocaust Remembrance Committee hosts several events each year designed to educate the community about this devastating historical event and its continuing importance today.

Office of International Education

The Office of International Education helps international students, scholars, and their families from over 50 countries pursue their education at IUP. It also helps IUP students pursue education abroad opportunities and brings a variety of international opportunities to the IUP and local community.


LGBTQIA Support serves the entire IUP community, including students, faculty, and staff. In collaboration with university offices and colleagues such as the Office of Social Equity, LGBTQIA Support works to create a welcoming and supportive campus climate for all LGBTQIA individuals.

Military and Veterans Resource Center

The Military and Veterans Resource Center, working collaboratively with IUP programs and services, serves as a one-stop information and referral site to help our students transition to college life and achieve their academic goals.

Multicultural Affairs and Student Success

The Office of Multicultural Affairs and Student Success creates and promotes programs that are diverse in nature for all students. It invites all students, especially our majority students, to participate in diverse activities with which they may not otherwise engage.

Multicultural Resources and Services

IUP's multicultural admissions staff manages a variety of support and events for prospective students.

Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement

The Center for Multicultural Student Leadership and Engagement is a campus gathering space and resource/programming center, providing students from a diverse set of backgrounds a place to meet and socialize.

Racial Justice Coalition for Change

A group comprised of faculty, staff, students, and administrators who are committed to speaking out against racism and showing support for students and colleagues who have experienced racist words or actions at IUP or in our communities.

Council on Spiritual and Religious Life

The Council on Spiritual and Religious Life publicizes the breadth of spiritual and religious programming to make students aware of opportunities. It enables students of different faiths to participate in programs together for education and respect, assists new spiritual and religious groups in obtaining official student organization recognition, and provide support to IUP community members in times of emergency or crisis.