Auditorium presentation at the Holocaust Remembrance Program

In today's world of increasing intolerance and hate, it is more important than ever to continue to learn from the Holocaust about the dangers of hate and the importance of peaceful coexistence.

Our Holocaust education programs help us learn what can occur when people exclude and discriminate against others, while discussing the ways in which we can all make the world a more peaceful place.

Each year, the Holocaust Remembrance Committee hosts several events designed to educate the community about this devastating historical event and its continuing importance today.

Programs Include:

  • Panel discussions with Holocaust Survivors and scholars at IUP

  • Trainings and educational sessions with local police forces.

  • Teacher trainings at local schools

  • Classroom visits and presentations at local schools, including Indiana Elementary School, Indiana Junior High School, Indiana Area Senior High School, Bishop Carroll Catholic High School, New Story, Homer-Center High School, Purchase Line High School, United High School, Allegheny Intermediate Unit, and various home school groups.

  • Interfaith services that focus on the commonality of all people and religions.

The goal of each program is to use the lessons from the Holocaust to work towards creating a more just and peaceful world, by educating people about the dangers of hate and the dangers of being a bystander.

What Others are Saying

"Thank you again for bringing such a special, impacting Holocaust Survivor learning and Anti-Antisemitism training opportunity to our school community. It was a real pleasure and honor to witness and interact with Solange and Judahthey are incredible individuals and links to history, and they represent the best that humanity can offer to our younger generations. I look forward to strengthening our working relationship between IUP and IHS."
Wade McElheny, Indiana Area Senior High Principal, April 9, 2019

"It was an extremely powerful event and, on behalf of my students, who were very appreciative, I want to extend my gratitude to all of you!"
Jonathan W. Nagy, Admissions Director, Social Studies Teacher, Bishop Carroll Catholic High

"These events have taught us all about sacrifice, compassion, humility, and what it means to love our fellow human beings. There are so many emotions swirling around the room as Mr. Baran recalls his experiences from the Holocaust."
Mike Minnick, Indiana Middle School, April 11, 2019

Members of the Holocaust Remembrance Committee

  • Shannon Phillips-Shyrock, Chair


  • Peter Black, Historian

  • Martin Dean, Historical Consultant and Member of the Research Committee Babyn Yar Holocaust Memorial Center, Kiev Ukraine

  • Paul Kopperman, Oregon State University Holocaust Memorial Program chair; professor at Oregon State University School of History, Philosophy, and Religion

  • James Paharik, Director, National Catholic Center for Holocaust Education Seton Hill University

  • Dennis Marsili, Director, IUP Criminal Justice Training Center

  • Marci Cole, IUP Criminal Justice Training Center Coordinator

  • Joseph Shyrock, IUP Senior Systems Analyst

  • Pearl Berman, IUP Psychology Department Chair

  • Simon Stuchlik, IUP Executive Director of Brand Management

  • Harry Schneider, Co-chair Pittsburgh Holocaust Survivors Organization, Holocaust Survivor