Learn more about diversity, equity, and inclusion through IUP trainings and programs. Here is a sampling, by topic.

Intercultural Awareness

Student Involvement and Leadership Development

Learn about programs that help current and potential student leaders develop skills they can apply in the classroom and later in their professional lives.

Six O’Clock Series

Learn about current issues and gain new perspectives on familiar topics in this weekly series. Free speech, unhealthy relationships, and Black mental health are among recent topics.

Implicit Bias Training for Law Enforcement

Read how an IUP anthropologist engaged with a police department on topics including implicit bias and equality.

Humanities Training in Law Enforcement

See how Black detective novels were used to help officers in training learn about fairness in policing.

Frederick Douglass Institute for Intercultural Research

Learn about this resource for information and advocacy that also aims to build community and academic success.

Decolonizing Your Thanksgiving

Read about this movement that maintains the positive traditions of this holiday while avoiding hurtful stereotypes about Native Americans.

Dating, Domestic, and Sexual Violence Awareness

Green Dot Bystander Intervention Training

Learn about the many ways you can be an active voice and step in to prevent personal violence.

Haven Project Volunteer Training

Find out how you can help Haven, the IUP organization that assists students with issues related to sexual violence, domestic/dating violence, and stalking and that works to make the campus safer.


Ally Training

Help your class or organization gain a better understanding of the LGBTQIA identity, effective tools for advocacy, and improved global citizenship skills.

Queer Conversations Workshop Series

Join in the discussion of a different LGBTQIA-related theme each week during the semester. Topics range from terminology to historical figures to national awareness days.

Teaching Excellence

Advisor Bulletin

Find helpful information, resources, and opportunities to broaden your advising skill set.

DEI in Teaching

Find resources and collaborators to assist with incorporating diversity, equity, and inclusion in the classroom.

Summer Faculty Academy

Find professional development programs to help you gain new perspectives and build skills in teaching, organizing, planning events, and supporting students.

IUP Advise

Stay on top of student progress and streamline communications using this comprehensive advising platform.

Teaching Circle

Work with colleagues from your department or across disciplines to enhance your teaching.

Find more training opportunities, resources, and guidance on diversity, equity, and inclusion topics through the Center for Teaching Excellence.


DEI Summit of Pennsylvania’s State System of Higher Education

Invites students, faculty, staff, administrators, and other State System stakeholders to think together about promoting belonging and well-being for all. Also offers opportunities to share research related to DEI practices and culture change.