The IUP University Libraries are committed to providing an environment for library users that is supportive of study, research, and scholarly collaboration. We endeavor to create an atmosphere that is safe, welcoming, and respectful of all, and that allows for both individual study and collaborative work.

University Libraries Use Rules

  1. University Libraries are weapon-free zones.1
  2. University Libraries are smoke, vape, drug, and alcohol-free zones.
  3. Conduct disruptive to the concentration of others is not allowed.
  4. Library properties, spaces, and materials are to be respected and unharmed.
  5. IUP's student code of conduct will be enforced, and campus civility guidelines are to be respected.
  6. Unsanctioned solicitations are not permitted.
  7. Offensive materials in any format are not permitted.2
  8. Directives by library employees must be followed.

1Weapon will be as defined by Student Conduct Policy

2Offensive material may be defined/evaluated as per the Sexual Misconduct Policy, sub (10) Sexual Harassment; the University Statement of Nondiscrimination; IT Acceptable Use Policy; and, PASSHE Social Media Guidelines

Adopted: Fall 2018