Our Vision

The IUP Libraries will be the intellectual center of the university. We will provide the best scholarly and educational resources, will deliver quality and innovative services, and will establish an inclusive and user-centered space. We will cultivate a place that fosters community, belonging, diversity, and scholarly success using our shared strengths.

Our Mission

The IUP Libraries advance Indiana University of Pennsylvania's education and research mission by providing resources for its communities of successful scholars to explore, collaborate, and create knowledge in an inclusive and safe learning environment.

Our Values

Innovation: We implement innovative and valuable services and resources to ensure that the IUP community is at the vanguard of information access, technological support, and student success.

Discovery: We place a vast world of scholarship and information at your fingertips. Dedicated work by the librarians and staff, modern technology, and up-to-date resources are part of our daily efforts to make all of our resources easily findable and accessible to the entire IUP community.

Equality: Our library and its resources are for every one of our users. We want to make sure that every voice is heard, every member of our community has equal access to resources and services, and every library user feels like they belong here at the IUP Libraries.

Access: Libraries are made for people to use, and our goal is to design services and provide resources that all people can use without difficulty. We believe in the tenets of universal design and continually look for ways to make our services better, more usable, and more accessible.

Service: We are here for you. The IUP Libraries faculty, staff, and administration are your partners in achieving success, and we will always be there to help you use our resources, understand our services, and feel at home in the library.