Drop-Add Daily Email Digest

  • The Drop/Add Daily E-mail Digest was created at the request of ACPAC. The digest provides an e-mail notification to instructors when students drop or add their courses.

    Only the primary instructor of record will be notified via e-mail of any drop/add activity. The daily e-mail digest will be sent to the instructor’s IUP e-mail address; one digest is sent per day per course that has drop/add activity. For example, if a faculty member is teaching four courses, they would receive separate e-mails for each course in which a student drops or adds the class. If no students have dropped or added the particular course, there will not be an e-mail sent to the instructor of that course.

    Note: This service only processes drop/add activity once the course begins. Preregistration course activity is not e-mailed in the Drop/Add Daily E-mail Digest.