IT Services maintains a status page of requested Brightspace D2L integrations.

This list includes the integration product name, request status, faculty sponsor (if applicable), and a link to the vendor's website.

Product Status Faculty Sponsor Website
McgrawHill Connect (LTI 1.3) Production Veronica Paz McGrawHill Connect
 Cengage MindTap Production Veronica Paz Cengage MindTap
OpenOChem Production Justin Fair OpenOChem
McgrawHill Campus Production IT Services McGrawHill Campus
HonorLock Production IT Services HonorLock
Perusall (LTI 1.3) Production IT Services Perusall
W.W. Norton Products Production Tanya Heflin W.W.Norton
MacMillan Launchpad Production Avijita Jain Macmillan LaunchPad
Peermark Turnitin Production Ken Sherwood Peermark Production Amber Racchini
McGrawHill SIMNet Production Suneel Maheshwari SIMnet Online
Pearson Advantage (LTI 1.3) Production Therese O'Neil Pearson MyLabs
Pearson MyLabs & Mastering Launch
(LTI 1.1)
Production IT Services IT Services On Hold Sponsor Needed
Wiley Plus: WileyPlus (LTI 1.3) Production Veronica Paz WileyPlus
Tophat (LTI 1.3) In Progress Katherine Farnsworth Tophat Courseware
Sage Vantage (LTI 1.3) In Progress Sarah Brown Sage Vantage