I-Card Accounts and Uses

The I-Card helps you manage three separate accounts: Meal Plan, Crimson Cash, and your PNC checking account.

Meal Plan

If you have a meal plan through the Office of Housing, Residential Living, and Dining, you can use this at any on-campus dining hall for the purchase of food and beverages.

Crimson Cash

If you added money using a credit or debit card on the GET Website, or by cash or check at either the Student Billing Office or the I-Card Office, you can use your I-Card for:

  • Laundry
  • Soda/snack machines
  • Copiers/printing
  • Dining and POD stores
  • The Co-op Store

PNC Checking Account

If you have a checking account through our campus banking partner, PNC Bank, you can activate your I-Card to act as an ATM card.