Eligibility to Teach Graduate Courses and to Serve on Thesis or Dissertation Committees

Information for faculty members who are eligible to teach graduate courses and for students seeking faculty members to serve on thesis and dissertation committees.

FAQs about Faculty Compensation for Chairing Thesis and Dissertation Committees

Frequently Asked Questions about faculty compensation for chairing a thesis or dissertation committee


Graduate students are expected to assume full responsibility for knowing graduate program procedures and regulations, which are located in the Graduate Catalog and in program handbooks. Also find forms for exceptions to deadlines, increasing course load, etc.

Graduate Coordinator Resources

Resources that are available for graduate coordinators, including sample student handbooks, Graduate Coordinator Meeting minutes, and more.


Staff directory of the School of Graduate Studies and Research.

Resources for New Faculty, Chairs, Deans and Other Managers

Policies and Procedures for New Faculty, Chairs, Deans, and Other Managers