Approved at Meet and Discuss, September 1986. Revised 1989, 1995, 2005.

Graduate education can flourish only in a climate in which faculty scholarship and quality teaching are expected and encouraged. To sustain a graduate culture requires a genuine commitment to scholarship in all its forms as well as to effective teaching and advising. The criteria presented below reflect this philosophy. These standards are considered to be the minimum necessary. Faculty members are encouraged to exceed these standards individually and collectively. Departments may recommend criteria that exceed these standards to Meet and Discuss for approval.

Please contact the Office of the Dean, School ofGraduate Studies and Research, at 724-357-2244 for further information.

Graduate Faculty Member Eligibility

Listing of faculty members eligible to teach at the graduate level and to serve on thesis and dissertation committees.


This form is to be used to apply for eligibility to teach doctoral and/or master’s courses and/or participate as a committee member on dissertation and/or thesis committees. 


Criteria for teaching graduate courses