A student may transfer graduate credits from another institution, with department approval, up to one-third (1/3) of the required credits for the graduate student's program at IUP. These graduate courses must be taken from a regionally accredited institution, within the past five years, and the grade earned must be "B" or its equivalent or better. The time limitation rule and residency requirements pertain without modification to transfer credits.

Up to one-third (1/3) graduate credits originally earned in one graduate program at IUP may be applied toward a different graduate program if: 1) the receiving department and 2) the School of Graduate Studies and Research both approve the credits as meeting degree requirements. These courses must have been completed within the past five years, and the grade earned must be a "B" or its equivalent or better. The combination of transfer credits earned at another institution and those earned at IUP may not exceed one-third (1/3) of the total required graduate credits for the program.

To requesttransfercredits, the student must complete the Request forGraduate Transfer Credit Review iform and follow the instructions listed on the iform. A catalog course description or course syllabus must accompany the request. An official graduate transcript showing the earned credits must be provided by the school at which the credits were taken. To be considered official, the transcript must arrive in a sealed envelope bearing the official seal of the issuing institution. The request is reviewed in the School of Graduate Studies and Research and the academic department. Afterreview, the student's program coordinator and the student are notified of the transfer decision.

It is strongly recommended that students seeking to transfer credits from another institution while enrolled at IUP receive advance written authorization for credit acceptance from their academic department, for content, prior to enrolling in that course.

If credits earned at another institution are approved for transfer, only the credit, not the grade or accompanying quality points, will appear on the student's IUP transcript.

Credits earned at IUP that are approved for transfer to a second program will not be posted to the transcript a second time.