Graduate coordinators are responsible for reviewing pending graduates to ensure all program requirements have been met.

Degree Conferral

Degrees are conferred in January, May, August, and December of each year. Students are responsible for applying for graduation online via the secure area of MyIUP. Students cannot RSVP for graduation ceremonies until they apply for graduation. Deadlines for graduate applications for graduation are:

  • January 1 (for January graduation)
  • May 1 (for May graduation)
  • August 1 (for August graduation)
  • December 1 (for December graduation)

Note: January graduation is offered to master's-level students in non-thesis tracks. All doctoral students and master's students writing a thesis can graduate in May, August, or December.

The student's official academic record will display the name, Banner ID, and program of study. It is important to check this information carefully, for if a program of study is incorrect the graduation checkout will be affected. If the program is incorrect, please contact the School of Graduate Studies and Research office.

A graduation date must be selected. The online graduation application can only be used until the graduation application deadline. After the deadline, the online program is not active. The student must then complete and submit the Change to Graduation Application.

Electronic Graduate Level Pending Graduation Clearance

Graduate coordinators should go into their program's pending graduate lists and follow the instructions to indicate approval or denial of graduation for the students on their list. The School of Graduate Studies and Research will perform final audits before degrees are awarded to ensure all grades and credits have been posted.

Alumni clapping during commencement Commencement

May Commencement

All May graduates are invited to walk in the university-wide ceremony. Pending August doctoral, MFA, and master's graduates are also invited to walk in the May ceremony.

December Commencement

All December graduates are invited to walk in the university-wide December ceremony. Pending January non-thesis master's students are invited to walk in the December ceremony.

Students RSVP for the university-wide Commencement ceremony by logging into the secure area of MyIUP after they have applied for graduation. (Note: there is a 24-hour delay between when the student applies for graduation and when they can RSVP for Commencement.)

May and August graduates can RSVP to participate in the May ceremony.

December and January graduates can RSVP to participate in the December ceremony.

Graduate coordinators should encourage their students to review the Graduation Checklist for Graduate Student