As a graduate coordinator, you are integral to the graduate program(s) within your department and college. You act as a liaison to the SGSR, and it is important that you are current on the policies and procedures that govern graduate education.

Three graduate students in a meetingThough specific responsibilities and duties may be different from department to department, this site is intended to provide the general overview of your position.

As a graduate coordinator, you will work alongside the department chair and program faculty to manage and organize your graduate program.

Tasks often include:

  • Assisting with marketing campaigns in collaboration with the graduate marketing director;
  • Recruiting students to your program;
  • Coordinating departmental admissions and review processes of applicants;
  • Advising graduate students;
  • Facilitating graduate program planning and resources;
  • Overseeing graduate program planning and curriculum development, program reviews, and assessments;
  • Coordinating, monitoring, and assigning unrestricted and designated graduate assistantship assignments with your department, students, and the SGSR;
  • Planning and conducting new student orientation sessions;
  • Communicating with chair, program faculty, and graduate students about important deadlines and changes to graduate programming;
  • Managing program allocations and budgets.

Graduate Coordinator Meeting Dates

Coordinator meetings are held on Wednesdays (typically six meetings per academic year) at 11:00 a.m. This is an established day and time that does not change. Coordinators are encouraged to work with their department chairs to adjust their teaching schedules so that they can attend the standing meetings.