Geoscience Day

Students will present their research at the 48th annual Geoscience Day on Friday, April 29, 2022.

Geoscience Day 2022 Program (pdf)

Recordings of the full presentations are available on our YouTube channel

Presentation Schedule:

  • 9:00 Welcome and Opening Remarks by Dr. Nick Deardorff and Dr. Calvin Masilela

  • 9:05 Chad McLaren: Mitigating the Blight Cycle through Land Banking in Small Rust Belt Cities

  • 9:20 Introduction of GEOS 480 Senior Research Presentations by Dr. Karen Rose Cercone

  • 9:22 Caleb Cramer: Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment of the Mount Union Railroad Museum

  • 9:34 Daniel Cross: Environmental Site Assessment of Braddock Farms, Braddock, PA

  • 9:46 Erik Reynolds: Phase I Assessment of a Former Radioactive Materials Production Facility

  • 10:00–10:30 Student Poster Session and Coffee Break

    The poster session also includes these projects:

    • Emily Lessman: Spatial Procedures to Analyze the Hazards to Communities and Infrastructure in Savannah, Georgia, from a Direct Hit from a Category 3 Hurricane

    • Chad McLaren, Matt Pernelli, and Jacob Krinock: How A Comprehensive Geodatabase Can Be Used to Inform Community Redevelopment

    • Khadija Zakki: The Negative Impact Of COVID 19 On Marginalized Population: Michigan State

  • 10:30 Molly Rabon: Water Budget Study of Marsh Run Watershed: A Small Urbanized Headwater Stream

  • 10:42 Gavin Vashie: Microplastic Contaminants in Indiana, PA’s Freshwater Systems

  • 10:54 Josh Merichko: Assessing and Quantifying Changes in Rainfall and Temperature Patterns in Indiana, Pennsylvania along with many other locations within the Appalachian Plateau

  • 11:06 Christian Vizza: Using Diatoms to Model Antarctic Sea Ice during the mid-Pleistocene

  • 11:18 Susan Adams: Brittle Deformation: Fault Analysis in the Eastern Central Range