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Planetarium Planetarium

Our nine-meter planetarium is an outstanding teaching tool used extensively in undergraduate instruction, both in introductory astronomy courses and in classes for Earth and Space Science teaching majors, and is available for group visits by schools, scouts, or adult groups.


Geology Students Win Regional Awards

Two senior geology students were invited to participate in the Pittsburgh Geological Society Student Night and came away with awards. Congratulations to Christian Vizza and Gavin Vashie for their hard work on their research this past year and their award-winning presentations at the event.

IUP Alumnus Publishes with Okey and Ghosh on Reducing Bat Fatalities at Wind Energy Facilities

Nicholas Moctezuma, Brian Okey, and Sudeshna Ghosh recently published a paper titled "Assessing Mitigation Strategies for Reducing Bat Fatalities at Wind Energy Facilities: A Comparative Analysis" in the Pennsylvania Geographer. Their work suggests that a reduction in turbine cut-in speeds works the best to limit bat fatalities.

Warnock Publishes With Colleagues on Atmospheric Variability over Last 1.5 Million Years

Jonathan Warnock and colleagues published a record of the relationship between ice age cycles, nutrient input to the oceans, and atmospheric carbon dioxide in their new paper, "Antiphased dust deposition and productivity in the Antarctic Zone over 1.5 million years," in Nature Communications. The record, spanning 1.5 million years, is the longest detailed record of such changes, effectively doubling the available record.

Congratulations GGEP December Graduates

The Geography, Geology, Environment, and Planning Department congratulates our December 2021 graduates!

Benhart Receives State Geographical Society Awards

John Benhart, a faculty member in the Department of Geography, Geology, Environment, and Planning, received two state-level awards at the Pennsylvania Geographical Society meeting on November 5, 2021.