Geoscience Day 2021

Senior geoscience majors presented their research at the 47th annual Geoscience Day on Friday, April 30, 2021, via Zoom. Junior geoscience majors will also present their research proposals.

Geoscience Day 2021 Program and Abstracts

Full Recording of Geoscience Day

  • Opening Remarks by Dr. Nick Deardorff, followed by introduction of Junior Proposal Presentations by Dr. Katie Farnsworth
  • Junior Seminar Proposal Presentations
    • Susie Adams: Tectonics: Constraining Taiwan's Metamorphic Core
    • Christian Vizza: Diatoms of the Southern Ocean and their relation to Climate across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
    • Caleb Cramer: Phase 1 Environmental Assessment Research Project
    • Eric Reynolds: Phase 1 Environmental Assessment of the Babcock and Wilcox Parks Township Property
    • Molly Rabon: Water Budget Study of Marsh Run Watershed
    • Gavin Vashie: Microplastic Contaminants in Indiana PA's Freshwater Systems
  • Introduction of Senior Research Presentations by Dr. Karen Rose Cercone
    • Garrett Strittmatter: Scotia Sea Diatoms in Relation to Climate During the Last Glacial Maximum
    • Jordan Kulak: Understanding Deep-Sea Sediment Property Methods and Error
    • Lauren Donati: Rapid Exhumation of the Taiwan Central Range: Constraints from Plastic-brittle Structures from the Mutua River
  • Featured Alumni Presentation:
    • Gerry Hatcher '83 and Jonathan Warrick, USGS Santa Cruz Pacific Coastal and Marine Science Center