Geoscience Day 2019

The senior geoscience majors will present their research at the 45th annual Geoscience Day.

Where: IUP, HUB Monongahela Room

When: April 26, 2019

Geoscience Day 2019 Program (PDF)

Presentation Schedule

  • 8:55 Opening Remarks by Dr. Steve Hovan
  • Session 1: Oceanography, Hydrology, and Environmental Geology
    • 9:05 Sara Trio: Analyzing Carbonate Content Present in Sediment Core KN223 10LC2: Building a Time Scale
    • 9:20 Kayla Kroczynski: Researching Stormwater Runoff at the White Township Recreation Complex in Indiana County, Pennsylvania
    • 9:35 Tyler Sharretts: Characterizing the Sedimentary Fluxes and Geomorphological Alterations of Presque Isle Peninsula using Ground Penetrating Radar
    • 9:50 Manuel Aviles-Torregrosa: Finding and Mapping Natural Gas Gathering Lines using Electromagnetic Induction and Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Session 2: Paleontology and Volcanology
    • 10:15 Heather Furlong: Fragilariopsis kerguelensis: A Quantitative Interpretation ofDiatom Growth and Nutrient Recycling
    • 10:30 Rock Brenner:  Nutrient Availability and Recycling Rates Over Marine Isotope Stage 31 in the Ross Sea, Antarctica
    • 10:45 Nicole Camarda: Body Mass Estimation of the Protoceratops and Triceratops
    • 11:00 Copeland Cromwell:  Grainsize and Componentry Analysis of Multiple Vents in 2010 from Submarine Volcano NW-Rota 1, Mariana Arc
  • Alumni Presentation
    • 11:15 Patrick Imbrogno ‘78:  He was Just an Above Average IUP Student - No One Special