Geoscience Day 2018

The senior geoscience majors will present their research at the 44th annual Geoscience Day.

Where: IUP, HUB Monongahela Room

When: April 27, 2018

Geoscience Day 2018 Program (PDF)

Presentation Schedule

    • 7:55 - Welcome and Introduction by Dr. Steve Hovan
    • Session 1: Paleontology, Geochemistry and Geophysics
      • 8:00 - Brennan Ferguson:  Relating Fragilariopsis Kerguelensis Fragments to Original Valve Dimensions
      • 8:12 - Nicole Lees: Determining the Paleogeographical Origin of the Allosaurus Fragalis from within the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry (Price, Utah) Using Biogenic Apatite δ18O Values
      • 8:24 - Justin Petricko: Elemental Composition Analysis of the Cleveland Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry Identifying Diagenetic & Bio-accumulate Sedimentation Processes Associated with Bone Deposition
      • 8:36 - Austin Patch: Paleoredox Analysis of Two Cores through the Marcellus Shale, Harrison and Wetzel Counties, West Virginia
      • 8:48 - Ryan O’Donnell: In-Situ Calcite Precipitation on Shales: Modeling Enhanced Tight Shale Re-Fracturing and Reservoir Simulation
      • 9:00 - Nicole Kelley: Resistivity Imaging of Preferential Flow Paths from a Passive Acid Mine Drainage Treatment System in the Huff Run Watershed, Ohio
      • 9:12 - Nieko Santoro:  Examining Conductivity and Subsurface Heavy Metal Concentrations within Western Pennsylvania Through the use of Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy and Aerial Photography
      • 9:24 - Aaron Seidel: Investigation of Methane and Soil Carbon Dynamics using Near Surface Geophysical Methods at the Tanoma Educational Wetland Site, Tanoma, Pennsylvania
    • Session 2: Hydrology and Environmental Geology
      • 10:00  - Nick Payne: Marsh Run Indiana Pa. Flash Flooding Events Worsened Due to Mitigation Lines from Municipal and Private Buildings/Parking Lots
      • 10:12 - Garrett Sharp: Assessing the Impact of AMD Chemistry on Algal Communities
      • 10:24 - Jillian Mathews: Impacts of Urban Environments on Marsh Run
      • 10:36 - Nick Bradley: A Phase-1 Environmental Site Assessment of the Bryce Brothers Factory in Mt. Pleasant, Pennsylvania
      • 10:48 - Courtney Sullivan: Phase 1 Investigation of Indiana University of Pennsylvania Rain Garden
      • 11:00 - Erin Johnson: Factors Affecting Gas Flow Rate from Legacy Wells in Indiana, Pennsylvania
      • 11:12 - Brock Kennedy: Flow Rate Methodology with Respect to Legacy Wells in Indiana County
    • Session 3: Astronomy, Tectonics and Volcanology
      • 12:30 - Kyler Yingling: Galilean Orbital Resonance and Europa-Io-Storm Related Positions
      • 12:42 - Drake Kutkat-Tonkin: Lateral Ramps and Seismicity within the Valley and Ridge of the Central Appalachians
      • 12:54  - Caleb McCombie: Climate-Derived, Differentiated Uplift along Central Range within Hualien County, Taiwan
      • 1:06 - Amy Clegg: The Eastern Central Range of Taiwan: An Assessment of Metamorphic Foliations that Record Recent Exhumation
      • 1:18 - Alex Patch: Determining Crystallization Dynamics of Recycled Tephra through Reheating Experiments
    • Alumni Presentation
      • 1:30 - Samantha Ritzer ‘14: Are All Shales Created Equal?: A Comparative, Multi-proxy Geochemical Study of Paleozoic and Mesozoic Black Shale Basins in North America