Economics majors have taken a wide variety of internships. Some have been part-time positions with local employers, while others have been full-time positions in Indiana or more distant areas such as Pittsburgh or Washington, DC. Some internships are arranged by the department, but students are free to arrange their own, subject to approval.

In addition to their job-related work, interns are required to complete academic assignments (e.g., readings and research papers) relating to their internship under the guidance of a faculty supervisor. Depending upon the amount of work involved, a student may earn up to 12 semester hours through internships. However, a maximum of six may be applied to the 30 hours in Economics required for the major.

To be eligible for an internship, you must be a junior or senior major in Economics and have passed at least 12 semester hours in Economics with a 2.5 grade average both in Economics and overall. Details on application procedures for department-sponsored internships are announced periodically as they are available. Students wishing to arrange their own internship should speak with the department chairperson. The Department Curriculum Committee reviews applications to determine the appropriateness of the proposed internship and the number of credits to be awarded.

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