How to Register for Text Message (SMS) Notification

Students and Employees

To register for emergency notifications, log in to MyIUP using your IUP network account. From the Personal Info page, click Emergency notification system registration and updates. That will open your Everbridge member profile. To edit the information, click Edit located in the top right of the My Profile section.

You can update your primary and alternate cell and phone numbers, and alternate email. Your IUP email address is already part of your profile and is required.

Click Save at the bottom to save the changes.

Everbridge offers an app for Android and iOS users, which provides another way to update your information. Users of the app can also receive an additional push notification from the app when emergency notifications are sent, if you allow the app to send push notifications. If you do not allow push notifications from the app, during an emergency you will still receive an email. You will also receive a text and/or phone call, but you must have first updated that information in your profile.

Once you have downloaded the app, Click Find an organization or subscription and search for IUP or Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Select "Indiana University of Pennsylvania: IUP." You will be prompted to log in to IUP Web Single Sign-On. Once you have completed the sign in, the app will load. Click Manage My Profile to update your information.

Family and Community Members

Parents, family members, and community members can sign up by texting iupalert to 888777 to receive emergency SMS communications.