Fire Emergencies


  • DO NOT PANIC. Remain calm, but remember that fire spreads quickly, and your prompt, appropriate response is essential.

  • Upon observing fire or smoke anywhere in the building, activate the alarm, shut all doors and windows, and evacuate the building through the safest possible route.

  • Do not permit fire to come between you and the exit; know the location of fire extinguishers.

  • Call 9-911 on a campus phone or 911 on a public or non-university phone. If possible, call University Police at 7-2141 from a campus phone or 724-357-2141 from a non-university phone.

  • Northpointe and Punxsutawney regional campuses and Pittsburgh East Center: call 911.

  • Do not attempt to go up the stairwells to a higher level unless you are located in a basement and that is the only way out of the building.

  • Help those who are injured or with disabilities to the nearest stairwell.

  • DO NOT USE ELEVATORS. If you are unable to use stairs or if you have helped a disabled person into the stairwell, remain there with stairwell doors closed. The doors are designed to keep fire and smoke out of the stairwell. Notify or ask someone to notify University Police that there are people in the stairwell for assistance.

  • Check doors and handles before opening—if they are hot, do not open; stay low and call out for help.

  • If there is smoke leading to exit, use alternate exit route or crawl on hands and knees.

  • If there is smoke in the exit way, crawl on your hands and knees or stay close to the floor—this will improve visibility and reduce the toxicity caused by smoke.

  • If exits are blocked, go back to your room, close the door, and call University Police at 7-2141 to report your location. Seal the cracks around the doors with tape or towels to prevent smoke from entering the room, and hang a brightly colored cloth or bed sheet from the window to alert rescue personnel of your location. If smoke gets into your room, remain low where the air is clear.