Behavioral and Mental Health Crisis

Behavioral and mental health emergencies occur when individuals are no longer able to appropriately interact with the world, due to various psychological, emotional, and environmental factors. Most people in psychological distress are neither violent nor intent on harm; yet they may be easily confused and unable to respond appropriately to various situations.

People experiencing mental health emergencies and crises may exhibit behaviors that are unsettling and can potentially put themselves or others in dangerous or threatening situations.

Be alert for behaviors or comments that are so unusual or threatening as to place the individual or another's safety in danger. If observed, call the police.

If on the Indiana campus: notify the University Police Department of the situation.

  • Call 7-2141 from a campus line.
  • Call 724-357-2141 from a non-university phone.

If off campus (including the Indiana community and branch campuses):

  • Call 911.

Clearly state that you need immediate assistance; give your name, exact location, and the nature of the incident.

Do not attempt to handle a behavioral or mental health emergency or crisis on your own. Law enforcement, psychological professionals, and/or medical professionals are available for immediate response.

People experiencing mental health issues or concerns may exhibit behaviors that are unsettling or disturbing without imminent danger to self or others.

Report to/consult with a university official immediately if you are concerned about unsettling or disturbing behaviors that you observe in others. For a list of members of IUP's Concern and Response Team (CART), visit the Standing CART Membership page.

To consult with a university mental health professional about psychological issues, call the IUP Counseling Center: 724- 357-2621, 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m. M-F.

Other hours, call the Indiana/Armstrong Mental Health Crisis line: 1-877-333-2470 (located at the Open Door).