Anthrax or Suspected Biological Incident

If you suspect you have observed or come into contact with a questionable substance—call University Police at 7-2141 or 724-357-2141 if using a non-university phone. Northpointe and Punxsutawney regional campuses and the Pittsburgh East Center, call 911.

  • Avoid exposure to material in question.
  • Do not walk into or touch spilled material.
  • Avoid inhalation by holding breath as long as possible.
  • Outdoors: Move upwind a minimum of 300 feet.
  • Indoors: Close door and evacuate building.
  • If contact occurs, wipe skin immediately, remove contaminated clothing, and flush with water if possible for 20 minutes or until emergency personnel arrive.
  • Await emergency personnel and be sure they are aware of your contact with the material in question.
  • Inform emergency personnel of EXACT location of the material.

Suspicious Package or Envelope

  • Remain calm.
  • DO NOT walk with letter/package or shake it.
  • DO NOT merely discard the letter/package.
  • DO NOT open, smell, or taste the powder.
  • DO NOT shake or empty the envelope.
  • Isolate the specific area where the package or envelope rests so that no one else disturbs the item.
  • Do not evacuate the entire work area. Call University Police at 7-2141 or 724-357-2141 from cell phone.
  • Tell the emergency responder what you have received and what you have done with it. Indicate whether or not the item contains any visible powder and if any powder was released.
  • Do not allow anyone who may have touched the item to leave the office.
  • Keep a list of everyone who was in the area with you when you received the item.
  • University Police and the Safety Office will determine what other agencies need to be involved based on the condition of the item and the information provided.
  • Wash your hands with warm soapy water for at least a minute.