Incidents involving non-employees (i.e., students, visitors) in an injury on university property are required to complete this form and email it to

Immediately report incidents resulting in severe injury, illness, exposure, property damage, or death to University Police, 724-357-2141.

Students may seek non-emergency treatment for injuries and illnesses at the Center for Health and Well-Being, Suites on Maple 901 Maple Street, Indiana, PA 15705.

Please contact Megan Heilbrun in the Office of Public Safety for questions and other concerns about a reported injury or claim being made at 724-357-2546 or

Please contact Frank Carrozza in Environmental Health and Safety, 724-357-5705 or, to report the existence of any hazards (i.e., uneven sidewalks, snow/ice sidewalks or steps, etc.) that resulted in the injury so that action can be taken.

Download the Student or Visitor Injury Report (interactive PDF).