Utility Failure

power outagesGas Leak

  • Report any suspected gas leaks immediately to University Police at 7-2141, or call 724-357-2141 from a non-university phone.
  • Do not use open flames near an area with a suspected gas leak.
  • Leave the area until it is inspected for safety.
  • If in a building, open windows if possible and quickly leave the area.
  • Activate fire alarms if you believe there is potential danger to building occupants.

Power Outage

  • All university buildings are equipped with an emergency generator. Hallways and stairwells in academic buildings will remain lighted while generator is operating.
  • Open window draperies if during daylight hours.
  • Be sure to have an emergency flashlight and fresh batteries.
  • DO NOT use candles or open flames.
  • Resident Students: Remain in your hall; the emergency generators will operate hallway lights, restroom lights, and stairwell lights.
  • Listen at elevator doors for people trapped, and call University Police if you hear voices.
  • Do not go near power lines that are down.


  • If you are trapped in an elevator, do not attempt to pry open the doors to climb up or down from an elevator between floors. If the elevator moves, you could be crushed.
  • Remain calm. Stay in the elevator until help arrives.
  • Ring the emergency button (alarm) and call for help. If the elevator has an emergency phone, pick it up (it will automatically ring to University Police). Tell the dispatcher the building and floor where you are trapped.

Plumbing Failure/Flooding

  • Cease using all electrical items.
  • Attempt to shut off water at its source.
  • Call University Police at 7-2141 (724-357-2141 from a non-university phone) or Facilities Maintenance at 7-2710 (724-357-2710 from a non-university phone).

At Pittsburgh East Center, call the assistant dean at 724-357-4742.