For more information about the Care Team or to seek assistance for a student exhibiting concerning behaviors, contact any of the following:

Care Team Members

  • Adam Jones, Dean of Students, 
  • David Berberich, Associate Director for Residence Hall Services and Student Opportunities, 
  • Dan Burkett, Dean's Associate, Kopchick College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, 
  • Todd Van Wieren, Assistant Director, Department for Disability Access and Advising, 
  • Jessica Miller, Chair, Counseling Center, 
  • Amber Racchini, Vice Provost for Student Academic Success, 
  • Timothy Stringer, Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police, 
  • Douglas Campbell, Lieutenant of Criminal Investigations, Public Safety, 
  • Elise Glenn, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer/Title IX Coordinator, 
  • Melanie Duncan, Assistant Diversity and Inclusion Officer/Deputy Title IX Coordinator, 
  • Emma Archer, Director of International Student and Scholar Services, 
  • Amy Cook, Assistant Dean for Administration, Eberly College of Business, 
  • Jon Cooper, Dean's Associate, College of Health and Human Services, 
  • Nicole Rice, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, College of Education and Communications, 
  • David Ferguson, Assistant Dean, College of Arts and Humanities, 
  • Susan Graham, Student Case Manager, Counseling Center, 
  • Holly Olexo, Executive Coordinator, Office of the Provost, 
  • Sharon Procter, Assistant Dean, School of Graduate Studies and Research,