Welcome! Thank you for your interest in supervising an IUP Department of Counseling and Human Development doctoral student.

This site provides information to professionals who are currently serving as or are interested in being a practicum/field experience site supervisor for Department of Counseling and Human Development doctoral students.

The Department of Counseling and Human Development is accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACREP). In Section IV standard P of the CACREP (2024) standards, practicum and field experience site supervisors must have “knowledge of the program's expectations, requirements, and evaluation procedures for students” and “relevant training for in-person and/or distance counseling supervision.”

In order to meet these CACREP standards, we are offering this online training to you. Successful completion of this supervision module includes reading a brief PowerPoint on supervision; reviewing the Practicum Manual and Field Experience Handbook that outlines the requirements for these training experiences; reviewing applicable ethical codes; and completing an assessment. To successfully meet this requirement, you must do the following:

  1. Review the Supervision PowerPoint.
  2. Review the Practicum Manual and Field Experience Handbook for Doctoral Students.
  3. Review the applicable ACA Code of Ethics. If you are supervising from a School Counseling environment, then please review the ACA Code of Ethics and the ASCA Codes of Ethics.
  4.  Complete the assessment.

After completion of the assessment, you will be eligible to supervise our doctoral students for these important training experiences. The contributions that you make in supervising our students on their journey to becoming counselors are highly valued by the IUP Department of Counseling and Human Development.

CACREP Section IV standards I & K call for counseling program faculty to provide “orientation to fieldwork site supervisors regarding program requirements and expectations” and “professional development opportunities to fieldwork site supervisors for all program delivery types.” Each semester you supervise an IUP doctoral student, orientation to the particular course is provided to site supervisors by the assigned faculty for that particular course, ensuring that the supervisor receives the most up-to-date information beyond this initial supervision training and review of requirements.

In addition, the IUP Department of Counseling and Human Development provides professional development opportunities to site supervisors via the Center for Creativity and Change. Current site supervisors are eligible to attend professional development opportunities for free when they are offered.

Finally, if you need assistance or consultation beyond the instructor for a particular course, you may contact the Department of Counseling doctoral clinical coordinator, Sibyl West, at swest@iup.edu.

The Department of Counseling and Human Development deeply values your significant contributions to mentoring counseling students. Your guidance is instrumental in shaping the next generation of counselors educators and supervisors.