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Candles and Signs from Take Back the Night March

If you have a candle, sign, or poster from the Take Back the Night march, please drop it off at the front desk of the Center for Health and Well-Being.

Posted on 4/14/2016 2:19:27 PM

Mindful Movie Night: What Mindfulness Is and What It Can Do For You

Mindful Movie Night on April 21 will feature informative videos by world-class experts. This evening video screening, discussion, and practice session will provide an introduction to mindfulness, mindfulness meditation, and mindful compassion for others and oneself.

Posted on 4/12/2016 12:13:44 PM

Help Us Chalk the Walk for Take Back the Night

Support Take Back the Night and Sexual Assault Awareness Month. To help advertise for this event, we need you to come out and Chalk the Walk on Tuesday, April 12, with facts or art related to sexual assault awareness. 

Posted on 4/8/2016 3:24:33 PM

Soup and Bake Sale This Thursday

The Active Minds and Actively Moving Forward group is holding a soup and bake sale on Thursday, April 7.

Posted on 4/5/2016 1:19:32 PM

2016 Women’s Leadership Award Winners

This year, Health Awareness, the Office of International Education, the African American Cultural Center, and the Commission for the Status of Women worked collaboratively to broaden the award structure for Women’s Leadership.

Posted on 4/1/2016 3:51:36 PM

The Clothesline Project Needs Your Help

Anyone who has been impacted by domestic or sexual violence is encouraged to come and decorate a t-shirt as part of the Clothesline Project at IUP. These shirts will later be displayed at Take Back the Night on April 13 to provide a visual display about the impacts of violence.

Posted on 4/1/2016 12:04:23 PM

Practicing Mindfulness and Mindful Eating

IUP students: Come join the Mindfulness Living Learning Community and the Department of Food and Nutrition on Tuesday, April 12, as we discuss ways to slow down, activate the senses, and practice gratitude while eating.

Posted on 3/30/2016 4:56:07 PM