These newsletters are designed to provide IUP students with general health information. They are not meant to serve as medical advice. Read the most recent issue of each newsletter, when available, below.

STAHL News (Students Talking About Healthy Lifestyles)

The newsletters are designed to provide IUP students with general health information. They are written by students for students.

De-Stress Fest Events - May 6, 2024

Looking for a way to relax during finals?  Stop in for De-Stress Fest and unwind.

Human Trafficking - April 29, 2024

Learn the signs of trafficking and what you need to know to protect yourself.

Earth Friendly Foods - April 22, 2024

Practically all nutritional habits that support sustainability efforts will also positively impact your health.

Time Management - April 15, 2024

Prevent Procrastination and stay motivated with these tips from the Counseling Center. 

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - April 8, 2024

The Haven Project is host to Take Back the Night and "What Were You Wearing?" Exhibit.

Health Service Has a Lot to Offer - April 1, 2024

Testing, transportation, and free over-the-counter supplies are just a fraction of what Health Service has available.  

Period Poverty - March 25, 2024

Find free period products if you need them.

Stay Safe on St. Patty's Weekend  - March 18, 2024

Learn safe drinking tips as well as fun activities that do not include alcohol.

What is Green Dot? - March 4, 2024

Attend one of the trainings being offered in the Green Dot Bystander Intervention Program.  Everyone can do Green Dots.  What's your Green Dot? 

Consent: What, Why, and How - February 26, 2024

Consent is important in every relationship.  Learn what consent is and what it is not.

February is Heart Month - February 19, 2024

Learn the five numbers you should know for a healthy heart. 

Nutrition for you Heart - February 12, 2024

Discover heart healthy nutrition and habits because the way you treat your heart now will be reflected in your heart health later in life.

Healthy Relationships - February 5, 2024

Everyone deserves to be in a safe and healthy relationship. Learn the warning signs that can help you identify dating abuse.

Stalking on College Campuses - January 29, 2024

Learn the most common stalking behaviors among college students, safety tips, and the campus resources that available to help

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and Wellness Coaching - January 22, 2024

SAD is often referred to as the "winter blues." If you are experiencing unusual sadness, low energy, and unhappiness, learn what you can do to help.

Wellness Coaching is free for students. Schedule your appointment today.

Brain Food for Finals - December 11, 2023

Studies show a significant connection between dietary intake and academic achievement.

ATOD Upcoming Events - December 4, 2023

Make the most of the remaining time this semester with De-Stress Fest, Bingo, and Open Mic Night.

Cognitive Restructuring - November 27, 2023

Change your thought patterns to improve your mental well-being.

Staying on Campus for Thanksgiving? - November 13, 2023

Learn about resources for support over the holiday.

It's On Us to Stop Sexual Assault - November 6, 2023

The Haven Project encourages you to take the It's On Us Pledge.

Holiday Health and Food -  October 30, 2023

Healthy tips to approach the holidays without passing up all the delicious food and fellowship.

Get Tested for STD's and Stay Protected - October 16, 2023

Health Service offers walk-in STI testing on the first Wednesday of the month from 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Domestic Violence Awareness - October 9, 2023

Abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional, economic, or psychological.  Help is available.

Healthy Homecoming Tips - October 2, 2023

Discover tips to be a healthy hawk.

Immune Boosting Nutrition - September 25, 2023

Learn how foods can keep your immune system strong.  Recipes are included.

RAINN Day 2023 - September 18, 2023

Be an ally in the fight against sexual violence.

The Flu is Coming to a Campus Near You - September 11, 2023

Attend one of the several flu clinics being offered. Get the shot, not the flu!

Could I have Covid-19? - September 4, 2023

Find out what symptoms to look out for. Several testing options are available at Health Service. Learn what to do if you should test positive.

The CHWB and the MVRC Are Here To Serve You! - August 28, 2023

The Center for Health and Well-Being and the Military and Veteran's Resource Center are located on the ground floor in Suites on Maple East. Check out what services are available.

De-Stress Fest and Wellness Coaching - May 1, 2023

Check out the free programs that are available to help with stress.

It's the Final Countdown - April 24, 2023

Tips for reducing stress for a successful summer.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month - April 17, 2023

Learn more about the Haven Project's upcoming events for Sexual Assault Awareness Month including the "What Were You Wearing?" Exhibit and Denim Day.

Take Back the Night - April 10, 2023

April is sexual assault awareness month. Haven Project hosts several events to show support to survivors.

Sexual Health - April 3, 2023

Learn the symptoms of STI/STDs, how to protect yourself, and where to get tested.

Fresh Check Day - March 27, 2023

Join Health and Wellness Promotion for an uplifting mental health fair with interactive booths, free food, music, and prizes.

ATOD Spring Events - March 20, 2023

Check out what's happening and learn what the effects of alcohol consumption can have on your success.

Spring Break Safety Tips - March 6, 2023

Discover tips to have fun and be safe.

What is Green Dot? - February 27, 2023

Learn about IUP's Bystander Intervention Program and how you can get involved.

Mental Health and Self Love - February 20, 2023

Learn easy ways to show self-love.

Healthy Relationships - February 6, 2023

Learn the characteristics of healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships, and where you can seek help.

How Do I Know if I have an STI? - January 30, 2023

Health Service offers testing for gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and HIV.

Mental Health Motivation - January 17, 2023

Setting S.M.A.R.T goals can be all the motivation you need.