Non-confidential documents can be recycled without being shredded and should be disposed of accordingly by the departments at each of the buildings on campus.

Please follow this procedure when you have documents that need to be shredded by the Central Storeroom:

Confidential and Sensitive Documents

Documents to be Shredded

  • Confidential and sensitive documents only (all others can be recycled at your department/building).
  • All documents must be paper clip and binder clip free (staples are acceptable).
  • All documents must be removed from folders and binders.
    • Folders can be recycled at your department location.
    • Binders should be disposed of accordingly; if they are in good shape and you no longer need the binder(s), they can be sent to surplus for reissue.

Getting the Documents to Robertshaw

  • All documents must be placed in boxes to be transported to the Central Storeroom.
    • Paper in plastic garbage bags WILL NOT be accepted!
    • Boxes must be of manageable size, such as copy paper boxes, storage boxes, small to medium moving boxes.
    • Place a note on the box "SHRED".
    • If you need boxes, please enter a work order to have boxes delivered to you:
      • Number of boxes
      • Unloading point (where do you want them delivered)
      • Direct work order to warehouse within Schooldude
  • Once boxes/documents are ready, please enter a work order for the warehouse to have them picked up:
    • Number of boxes
    • Pickup location (where are the boxes located)
    • Confirm on the WO that these documents are to be shredded

Any questions or concerns regarding the shredding of University material should be directed to the Central Storeroom at or 724-357-3015.