When making Central Storeroom reservations, please considerthe following information:

Create a Reservation

If you know the Material SAP Number, follow these instructions for creating a reservation.

Return for Credit

How to return an incorrect item to the Central Storeroom and receive reversal of credit

Shredding Documents

Follow this procedure when you have documents that need to be shredded by the Central Storeroom.

Reserve Material without SAP Number

If you do not have a valid SAP Material Number, you can still reserve materials.

Display a Reservation in SAP

How to modify an existing reservation in SAP

Change a Reservation in SAP

Step-by-step instructions to revise a reservation in SAP

Finding the Cost of a Reservation - Using the ESS Portal

How the find the cost of your Central Storeroom reservation

Search a reservation for reference and accounting information

Step by step procedure to guide you through the history of a reservation; drilling down to your budget report

SAP Icons: Quick Reference Sheet

SAP icons – Quick reference guide for users

Setting a Variant on MB51

Step by step guide to displayng material history in SAP

Display Goods Issue Material Document

Step by step guide for displaying goods issue material documents

View Delivery Confirmation and Notes

Step by step guide to view delivery information and pertinent information