Located at the Robertshaw Building, the Central Storeroom counter is available to campus for all or your storeroom needs.

Do you need something urgently and would like to pick it up yourself?

  1. Enter your reservation on SAP or ESS.
    • Once your reservation is entered, you can call the storeroom at 724-357-7568 with your reservation number.
    • The storeroom will pull your order and have it ready for you to pick up at our counter.
    • Come to the Central Storeroom counter and retrieve your material.
  2. Simply stop by the Central Storeroom counter with your cost center.
    • The reservation will be entered for you.
    • The order will be pulled an ready for you immediately.

Note: If you are not available to pick up your urgent reservation, the storeroom provides the on-demand Hot Shot service for your delivery needs.

Other areas serviced by the Central Storeroom counter:

  • Facilities Operations/Maintenance service area for storeroom materials
  • Shipping and Receiving services
    • to include outgoing packages or pickup of incoming packages
  • File Storage services
    • drop off, pick up, or view files that you have stored in our area
  • Document Storage
    • drop off, pick up, or view documents you have stored in our area
  • Inventory Control, Surplus, and Reissue