Incorrect Item

  1. Enter a work order in the School dude work order system for Warehouse pickup.
  2. You will need to provide the following information on the work order:
    1. reservation number
    2. material document number (4900xxxxxx)
    3. material number to be returned
    4. reason to be returned
    5. all other work order information (location, etc.)
  3. Be sure the goods issue label is attached to the material being returned, or a note with the goods issue material document number and item material number.
  4. Please place item(s) in a location that can be found by the driver.
  5. Once the item is received back in the Central Storeroom, a reversal will be done against the reservation. This will credit your cost center.
  6. If you need a different item, you will need to create a new reservation.
  7. A note will be placed on the original goods issue document in SAP confirming the credit has been issued.

Note: If you need to return an item that has an expiration date or shelf life, please contact the storeroom to confirm return can be done.