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  • Log in to SAP.
  • MB23: Display a reservation
  • Select Enter.

    Note: If your reservation number does not default, enter it at this time.
  • Select Enter, and your reservation will appear.
  • You can view a variety of information from this screen.
    • Quantities and description of items reserved
    • Cost center used to place reservation
    • Goods recipient and where you would like to have the order delivered
    • Check in the FI column = item has been issued to you
    • NO check in the FI column = item is on backorder
    • Check in the DEL column = item has been deleted
  • Use the scrolling arrows at the top of the screen to view longer orders.
  • Use the back button to go back to the main screen of your reservation.
  • View reservation with the page up and page down icons.

There is nothing to save, so you can use the back arrow to get out of the reservation.