Hard drives and related materials to be shredded or destroyed:

All destruction of university-related hard drives and materials should be initiated by IT Services through department contact or ihelp.

Once necessary approvals are established:

  • IT representative will obtain the key for the hard drive shredder from IT or Central Storeroom
    • If instruction is needed for the shredder, it will be provided by trained Central Storeroom employees
  • Hard drives and related material will be destroyed by IT representative, or can be destroyed by Central Storeroom employee at the request of IT.
    • All materials shredded will be contained, transported, and recycled by Central Storeroom employee

Note: If the hard drives or related materials need to be transported to the shredding area, IT will enter a work order to have the items transported to Robertshaw. The work order should be directed to the "warehouse" through the Schooldude work order system.

Any questions or concerns can be directed to the central-storeroom@iup.edu or 724-357-3015.