File and Document Storage

  • Please complete all department information on the Department Information Sheet .

    File Preparation

    • Please be sure that your files are in a file storage box or an equivalent container (available in the Central Storeroom).
      • Material 14382—Box, storage; legal size
      • Material 14383—Box, storage; letter size (recommended for excellent storage)
      • Material 14443—File Storage, letter size (drawer-style box)
    • All boxes must be labeled with a brief description of what is in the box. This is the information that will be entered into our file storage database. Note: It is essential for tracking purposes that your report match the label on the box exactly.
      • A label maker is available for your use if you do not have one available. Please contact the Central Storeroom at x73015 to arrange to borrow the label maker.

    Once the Files Are Ready

    • Please email the storeroom supervisor, Bob Zack ( with the following information:

      • Your name.

      • Telephone number.

      • Location of the boxes.

      • Best time to have the boxes picked up.

      • The number of boxes you will be sending down. (We will either send a driver to get them or place a work order to have them delivered, depending on the number of boxes.)

        • A work order will be entered; the Central Storeroom will pick up and transport the boxes to be stored to the appropriate area in Robertshaw.

    Once We Receive the Files

    • Each box will be assigned a number and address.
    • The description and box number will be entered into the file storage database.
    • All files will be stored in a designated file storage area of the Central Storeroom.

    Report Information

    • Once all files have been stored, a copy of the report for your department will be sent to the contact person listed on the information sheet.
    • At any time, you may request a copy of this report.

    Incoming and Outgoing of Files

    • When you request a box be sent to you:
      • Contact Bob Zack , x72718 (
      • Include your name, department, and location to where the box should be delivered.
      • Include the information from the report pertaining to the box you would like:
        • Box number
        • Storage location
        • Description of files
    • When you are finished, you can have the box sent back down to be placed back in storage.
    • Each time a box is removed or returned, the database is updated with the date and name of requestor.
    • You may also come to the storeroom to review your files in storage.


    • Disposal of files will be done according to the disposal information provided on the information sheet.
    • Department contact will be notified one week prior to the actual disposal of an item in storage. The contact will be asked for confirmation of the disposal.
    • If you do not want the files to be disposed of, please indicate this on the information sheet.

    Record Retention Policy for University