International Business Major

Seonho Kang"IUP changed my whole life and future. I was a 2.6 GPA student before I came to this university. With a helpful advisor, professors, and facilities, I finally saw my real abilities. Now, I am a 4.0 GPA student. I will always appreciate what IUP showed meI can be a good student and realize my potential."

I am from Seoul, South Korea. IUP is my third university. My first university was Tamkang University in Taiwan. When I was a sophomore, I had a chance to study at the University of Findlay, Ohio, as an exchange student. It was a great time for me to study in the USA.

Before I came to the USA, I was not a good student and my GPA was very low. I didn't know why I had to study hard. However, after I came to the USA, I realized that the world is wide and there are many interesting things I should study. So, I decided to study in the USA. However, the University of Findlay was too small for me to achieve my future goal, to be a global manager. So I was looking for a good university to transfer into. Finally, I found IUP.

IUP was the best university for me because it has my major and this university is accredited by AACSB, which we should be proud of. Moreover, this university offers not only Spring and Fall semesters, but also Summer and Winter. In this case, students can graduate very fast if they study really hard. IUP provides high-quality education with reasonable tuition.

I have many good memories about IUP/Eberly as a student. This university is very kind to international students. Professors and staff are willing to help without any discrimination. IUP professors are really kind and helpful.

IUP encourages students to study harder. If a student maintains a good GPA, they will be welcomed to get involved in many of the student organizations. Beta Gamma Sigma is one of those organizations. I became a member of the Honor Society of Beta Gamma Sigma with Dr. Soni's recommendation. After becoming a member, I was encouraged to study harder to maintain my GPA.