Portfolio reviews are an important prerequisite for admission into the Art Education, Art Studio, and Graphic Design and Illustration degree programs within the Department of Art and Design. Please note, portfolios are not required for Art History, Interior Design, or Fashion Studies majors.

For Graphic Design and Illustration Majors:

In order to be accepted into the Graphic Design and Illustration Program at IUP, prospective students must successfully submit and pass a portfolio review. The goal of the review is to maintain high program standards and ensure you're poised for success!

We're looking for creativity, technical ability, and potential for growth. Comments will be provided once the review is complete, as well as a letter stating acceptance, rejection, or resubmission. Instructions to submit a portfolio are below:

  1. Gather six of your best pieces in any medium.
  2. Photograph traditional work and/or save digital pieces as JPGs.
  3. Send an email to graphic-design@iup.edu with your files as attachments.
  4. Don't forget to include your full name in the email.
  5. We recommend submitting your portfolio no later than May.

In-person reviews can be arranged upon request. Questions can also be sent to graphic-design@iup.edu

For Studio Art / Art Education Majors:

What Should I Include In My Portfolio?

  1. Include 10–12 works created within the last year or two.

  2. At least one of these should be a drawing executed from life and not from a photograph.

  3. The remaining pieces should include two-dimensional and three-dimensional works in various media that showcase your strengths. We also recommend including artwork that demonstrates your ability to use color.

  4. All artwork that is derived from photographs or is computer-generated should demonstrate technical, compositional, and creative skill.

When Do I Submit My Portfolio for Review?

Digital portfolios may be submitted at any time according to the guidelines listed below. Physical portfolio reviews take place on Experience IUP: Fine Arts Audition/Portfolio Day events, held throughout each academic year. For questions, please call the Department of Art and Design at 724-357-2530 or email art-info@iup.edu.

How Should I Format and Present My Portfolio?

If you are submitting a physical portfolio as part of an Experience IUP: Fine Arts Audition/Portfolio Day event, please ensure all work is organized neatly in a single portfolio case which has your name and address clearly written on the outside.

  • Your name should be clearly printed on the back of a 2-D or the bottom of 3-D work.

  • No loose work or rolled work should be submitted.

  • Submitting a digital portfolio is also possible and encouraged for students who aren't able to visit for an Experience IUP: Fine Arts Audition/Portfolio Day event. Details on submitting a digital portfolio, including documentation, are below.

How Should I Submit a Digital Portfolio?

Submitting a portfolio online is easy and only takes a couple of moments. Below are the guidelines for a digital portfolio submission.

  1. Document Your Artwork
    1. For traditional artwork, you'll want to begin by photographing or scanning it. A modern smartphone provides good enough quality for a portfolio submission. However, be sure to use good lighting (photographing outside on a cloudy day is perfect), and make sure that your artwork is sharp and not blurry, filling as much of the frame as possible in the final photo.

    2. For digital artwork, you've already got this covered and can move on to Step 2.

  2. Save Your Artwork
    1. JPG or PDF files are suggested for submission due to their small file size and universal accessibility.

    2. If you have access to Photoshop, please make sure images are no longer than 1024px on their longest side, which helps reduce file size. If you don't have access to Photoshop, we are happy to receive images however you are able to send them.

    3. Save the files with your last name so that we can easily identify your work when saved.

  3. Submit Your Artwork
    1. Submitting artwork is the easiest part! Simply email your work to art-info@iup.edu.

    2. Alternatively, you may email us a link to a website, cloud storage, or portfolio site (Behance, etc.) to art-info@iup.edu.


IUP is an equal opportunity/affirmative action institution. Please direct inquiries concerning equal opportunity to Director of Affirmative Action, IUP, G-30 Sutton Hall, Indiana, Pa. 15705.