What is Painting?

Painting is color, expressive and malleable. It is challenging, thought-provoking, and inspiring. Painting tells stories, expresses opinions, captures a likeness, records events, and gives vision to ideas. It is a passion that takes hard work and talent to master. Painting is a historically significant medium that shows us who we once were as people, and enables us to envision who we might become.

What Kinds of Opportunities Exist for Painters?

  • Professional exhibiting artist in galleries, museums, and arts festivals
  • Illustrator for children's books or industry
  • Director of galleries and art centers
  • Instructor for community art education programs
  • Mural painter
  • Public art project artist
  • Teacher in private K-12 art programs
  • Art sales representative
  • Set designer
  • Display artist
  • Cartoonist
  • Technician for museums and galleries
  • Portrait painter

What Will I Learn From This Program?

Innate properties to painting continue to draw artists to take brush to canvas and immerse in the possibilities of color and pigments. There is a rich tradition in fine art painting that has withstood the ever-changing advancements in technology. At IUP, you will learn what it takes to be a successful painter within the competitive field of fine arts, which include traditional painting processes as well as newer, contemporary methods. You will learn fundamental techniques and basic properties of paint, then build on that foundation by developing a personal aesthetic and creating a cohesive body of work ready for professional exhibition. As a painter, you will learn to think critically and discuss your work in relationship to contemporary art and society. You will learn how to shape a personal studio practice and launch a professional career in art.

Why Painting at IUP?

IUP Painting faculty members are actively exhibiting, professional artists who are committed to excellence in fine art painting. We will challenge you both technically and conceptually, expecting a high level of sophistication in your work. Well-equipped painting studios will provide ample space and light for you to create your best work. You will gain exposure to outside artists through our vibrant visiting artists program and exhibitions of their work in our campus galleries and museums. You can take advantage of opportunities to show your work in Miller Gallery, become a leader in the Student Art Association, and participate in Pittsburgh's nearby vibrant arts community. You will be strategically located within driving distance to the cultural centers of Cleveland, New York, Washington DC, and other major metropolitan regions on the east coast.