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Alice Paul House

Support for Victims of Sexual Assault

Free and Confidential Counseling and Advocacy Available 24 Hours


Victims of sexual violence cope with many problems. First, they must recover from the immediate shock of the crime committed against them and address any physical consequences of the assault. They must also learn to deal with the many emotional pains that result from the incident. The situation may be further complicated by a slow-moving and often frustrating criminal justice system. Unkind remarks made by acquaintances who fail to understand the victim's trauma can cause a “second injury” to the victim. Rape victims and their loved ones may need special attention and support.

What is consent? Consent is based on choice. Consent is being free of pressure. Consent is possible when there is equal power. Giving into sex because of fear, being deceived or pressured is not consent. You should feel comfortable to say NO.

Sexual assault includes: rape, attempted rape, marital rape, male sexual abuse, incest, child molestation, same sex abuse, indecent assault, indecent exposure, sexual harassment, and any other sexual act not consented to by each party.

Beware of alcohol and drugs. Some rapists use alcohol and drugs to render their victims helpless or unable to say “no.” In addition to alcohol, these are commonly used drugs that may lead to serious danger: Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB), Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol, Roofies), Scopolamine, Burundanga, and Ketamine (Special K).

If you have been raped: CALL THE POLICE and/or the Alice Paul House. DO NOT change clothes, bathe, douche, or wash. GO TO THE HOSPITAL. You need medical attention for possible venereal disease, possible pregnancy, lacerations, or other injuries, or physical evidence to aid in criminal prosecution. An Alice Paul House advocate will meet you at the hospital at your request.

The Alice Paul House receives funding from the Department of Public Welfare through the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape and the Pennsylvania Coalition Against Domestic Violence, the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency, local fundraising projects, and private donations.

You can donate your time to help victims of sexual violence by becoming an Alice Paul House crisis intervention volunteer. We offer two training programs per year which consist of 80 hours of education on topics such as counseling skills, sexual assault, domestic violence, and safety issues. In addition to the contribution of your time, you may help us to continue to assist victims of sexual crimes by contributing financially to the Alice Paul House. Your gift can help to reduce the injustice and suffering which result from victimization.

Health and Wellness Promotion: Haven Project

The Haven Project is designed to increase and improve counseling and advocacy services for students who experience violence. The Haven Project also offers prevention education about stalking, dating/relationship violence, and sexual assault. To learn more about the Haven Project and the services they provide, visit the Haven Project website.