Women's Studies Library of Films

These films are available for viewing from Media Resources in the IUP Libraries, on the first floor across from the Reference Desk. Students may view them with the equipment in the Media Resources area.

Body Beautiful — Exploration of a white mother who undergoes a mastectomy and her black daughter who embarks on a modeling career, revealing the effects of body image and of racial and sexual identity (23 minutes, Women Make Movies) VCV 4805

Clothesline — A humorous look at the love/hate relationship women have with cleaning the family's clothes. This film pays homage to the commonality of women's experiences at the washboard or the laundromat. (32 minutes, Filmakers Library) VCV 4564

Daughters of the Dust — A large African-American family prepares to move north at the dawn of the twentieth century (Baker and Taylor Video) VCV 5363

Growing Up and Liking It — The monthly menstruation cycle, that natural occurrence from time immemorial, has made women the object of superstition and taboo and is the subject of this fresh and often humorous video. (28 minutes, Filmakers Library) VCV 5346

Hearts and Hands — A social history of nineteenth-century women and quilts (63 minutes, Hearts and Hands Media) VCV 3845

Holding Our Ground — Women and children working together in the Philippines find hope through action when they organize to improve the quality of their lives. (51 minutes, International Film Bureau) VCV 4624

Ida B. Wells: A Passion for Justice — Documents the life and times of Ida B. Wells, the pioneering Afro-American journalist, activist, suffragist, and anti-lynching crusader of the late nineteenth and twentieth century (53 minutes, William Greaves Productions Inc.) VCV 5335 and 4721

Imitation of Life Video — The story of two women who are trying to find success but end up finding that success isn't everything. Includes both the 1934 and 1959 releases. (Baker and Taylor Video) VCV 5306 and 1422

Kiss on the Mouth — This film examines female prostitution in urban Brazil. (30 minutes, Women Make Movies) VCV 4809

Living — Describes the life and activities of the rural peasants of Maoping village, Zhejing province. Details women's activities, family relations, farming, and village politics and government (57 minutes, Time-Life Video) VCV 1937

Love, Women, and Flowers — A horror story of hazardous labor conditions for the sixty thousand women who work in Columbia's flower industry (58 minutes, Women Make Movies) VCV 4808

Motherlove — Accompanied by flashbacks to the depression era, a woman quietly reminisces about the struggle of raising a daughter alone. (20 minutes, Women Make Movies) VCV 4811

Myths that Maim — Images of our culture that show patterns of dominance and subordination that lead to violence and abuse. (45 minutes, Encinitas Center for Family and Personal Learning) VCV 5570

One Fine Day — A montage set to Kay Weaver's One Fine Day, showing courageous women whose lives serve as positive examples of what women can achieve (6 minutes, Ishtar Films) VCV 5242

Take the Power — These two inspirational images from Kay Weaver and Martha Wheelock have become feminist classics. (6 and 7 minutes, Ishtar Films) VCV 5243

Rites — This program explores the custom of female circumcision, which has been commonplace throughout history. (52 minutes, Filmakers Library) VCV 5532

Small Happiness — An exploration of sexual politics and the reality of life in contemporary, rural China. Chinese women of Long Bow speak frankly about footbindings, the new birth control policy, work, love, and marriage. (58 minutes, Long Bow Group) VCV 938

To Have and To Hold — Interviews with men who used to batter women but who sought help from Emerge: a men's counseling service on domestic violence in Boston (20 minutes, New Day Films) VCV 4659

Woman's Place — The ceremonies surrounding childbirth are the jumping-off point for a recreation of the rites simulating the creation of the world, illustrates the realm of women in ancient Egypt. (23 minutes, Films for the Humanities and Sciences) VCV 2744

Women of Steel — Story told in the words of four former female steelworkers about their work and life in the steel mills (28 minutes, Mon Valley Media) VCV 4152