Older Readers, Ages 12 and up

Brave Girls and Strong Women

A special collection of books from small publishers for ages 12 and up

Allegra Maud Goldman, by Edith Konecky
Fiction, ages 14 and up. The title character is a feisty Jewish girl struggling to forge an identity within her wealthy materialistic family. Allegra Maud Goldman is a memorable character, and this book is hilarious, poignant, and hard to put down. (Feminist Press)

Harriet's Daughter, by Marlene Nourbese Philip
Fiction, ages 12 and up. Margaret, an African-Canadian teen, wants to create a new, exciting identity for herself, and devises the "underground railroad" game in which she plays Harriet Tubman helping slaves to escape. Margaret also wants to help her friend Zulma escape her abusive stepfather and go back to her grandmother in Tobago. With the help of her mother, Zulma's mother, and a wise woman neighbor, the girls succeed in their plan. (Women's Press)

Cassandra Robbins, Esq. by Patricia Costa Viglucci
Fiction, ages 12 and up. In this award-winning novel, 17-year-old Cassandra struggles with her identity as a biracial girl adopted by a white family. When her brother's black roommate, Josh, comes to visit for the summer, Cassie is very attracted to him -- but she's also angry that he got the job she wanted. She fights for her job, and she likes Josh as much for his gentleness as for his good looks. (Stone Pine Books)