Hispanic Heritage Council

  • The Hispanic Heritage Council is committed to fostering the appreciation and understanding of the Hispanic culture through an outreach of efforts:

      Hispanic Heritage Compilation
    • Raise awareness of the Hispanic culture and Spanish language on the IUP campus by hosting and commemorating Hispanic events.
    • Serve as a networking help resource center for Latino students in order to retain them on the IUP campus and help them succeed in their studies at IUP.
    • Encourage Latino students to participate in the Hispanic Heritage Council and help them develop leadership skills through a tutoring and mentoring program.
    • Promote academic diversity on the IUP campus.
    • Raise community awareness of Hispanics and/or diversity via involvement in the sponsored events.

    The Hispanic Heritage Council serves as a dynamic resource group that promotes diverse Hispanic participation across the campus. The council works in partnership with the Office of Social Equity at IUP. Thus, its purpose is to create awareness that makes a difference in diversity.

    For Further Information

    Please contact Marjorie Zambrano-Paff: 724-357-3883 or Marjorie.Zambrano-Paff@iup.edu.

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