I. Call to order
In attendance: Baumler, Boser, Deckert, Hyde, Knight, Lewis, Metz, McCombie, Migyanka, Muchtar, Onwueme, Sechrist, Rost

Excused: Potts, Turner

Absent: Intemann (Onwueme attended to represent the provost)

II. On a Deckert/Myganka motion the minutes from the September 28, 2010 meeting were approved as revised.

III. Co-Chairs Report:
A. Sechrist reported that she and McCombie were invited to a meeting on Friday October 15 with David Pistole, B. Gail Wilson, Gerald Intemann, David Werner, and Peter Board about the Liberal Studies revisions. At the APSCUF Executive meeting it was reported that the Council of Chairs had been asked about the Liberal Studies Revision process. It was noted in the Executive Committee meeting that the Council of Chairs though is not the body that approves curricular change.

IV. Items for Review/Possible Action:
A. Honors College Committee Report
• No report

B. Liberal Studies Committee Report was provisionally received on a McCombie/Lewis motion pending Gail checking with David Pistole for clarification on the LBST 281 course approvals since 281s are not approved as courses traditionally which is what was reported to the committee in the agenda.
• Approved LBST 499 Environments on the Edge: Appalachia and Beyond (Brian Okey)
• Approved LBST 281 Green Marketing for the Twenty-First Century (L. Sciulli & V. Sharma) as a Liberal Studies Elective
• Approved LBST 499 On the Road to Santiago – A Medieval Pilgrimage Across Northern Spain (C. Finnegan)
• Approved the Liberal Studies portion of the program revision for Child Development and Family Relations
• Approved LBST 281 The Dark Side of the Internet (Therese O'Neil) as a Liberal Studies Elective
• Approved LBST 281 Ghosts, Bigfoot, and Spontaneous Combustion: Exploring the Paranormal (Laurel Black) as a Liberal Studies Elective
• Approved LBST 281 Safe Living in a Very Unsafe World (Jan Wachter) as a Liberal Studies Elective

C. 09-32 JRNL 250 Women and the Press, distance education
• On a Boser/Deckert motion, the course was provisionally approved depending on providing evidence of an assignment and assessment in the module.

D. 10-35 FDNT 150 Foods Lecture, distance education
• The course was tabled due to the fact that part of the proposal was missing.

E. 10-37 COMM 330 Instructional Design for Training and Development, distance education
• On a Baumler/Boser motion the course was approved.

F. 10-38 DVST 150 Introduction to Higher Education, distance education
• A suggestion was made to change “Research Paper” to “essay” on page 4 and under Student Evaluation of the online syllabus.
• It was also suggested that data be collected and analyzed to determine the effectiveness of the DVST online courses by a possible ad hoc or another committee that Senate might wish to appoint.
• On a Hyde/Knight motion the proposal was provisionally approved with one no vote.

G. 10-39 DVST 160 Learning Strategies, distance education
• It was suggested that the Dr. Wang be asked to meet with the committee to address concerns and answer questions.

H. 10-18a Bachelor of Arts, Music Theory/Composition Track, catalog description change, program revision
• On a Baumler/Lewis motion the revisions were accepted.

I. 10-9c Bachelor of Science – Mathematics, program revision
• The revision was withdrawn because the department is revising the program again.

J. 10-25a EOPT 150 Fundamentals of Photonics and Laser Safety, new course
• On a Hyde/Baumler motion the course was provisionally approved.
• It was suggested the format for EOPT 126 for the lab hours be followed for this course.

K. 10-25b EOPT 126 Electronics II for Electro-Optics, new course
• On a Lewis/Baumler motion the course was approved.

L. 10-26 COSC 341 Introduction to Database Management Systems, course revision
• On a Lewis/Migyanka motion the course was provisionally approved pending shorting some of the beginnings of sentences in the catalog description and adding some punctuation in a few objectives for clarification.

The meeting was adjourned at 5:17 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Mary Lou Metz