I. Call to order

In attendance: Baumler, Boser, Deckert, Knight, Lewis, McCombie,
Migyanka, Muchtar, Pistole, Potts, Sechrist

Excused: Hyde, Metz, Rost, Turner Absent: Intemann (Onwueme attended
to represent the Provost)

II. On a Migyanka/Boser motion the revised minutes from the February 8, 2011 meeting were
approved with clarification concerning BIOL 270, listing the option of (except for the
Environmental Health Track).

III. Co-Chairs Report:
A. Susan Boser spoke with Stanford Mukasa concerning the distance education proposal for JRNL
243 History of the American Press. They will be meeting next week.

B. COSC 341 Introduction to Database Management Systems that was tabled in Senate last
November - received a letter of support from MIS so it is back on the Senate agenda.

C. English Composition II Revised Liberal Studies criteria was approved in March 2010 but it was
listed as tabled erroneously.

D. Electro optic courses had incorrect lab hours and will be corrected on the March Senate

IV. Liberal Studies Committee Report
A. Ad Hoc Committee on LSC/UWUCC Meeting (Friday February 11)- LS will work with UWUCC to
update wording about how the committee is elected. The group recommended that the
Liberal Studies proposal be presented as a “revision of the revision.” Plan to get this work
completed ASAP so it can go to March Senate. Pistole will email it to all Senators and all
department reps for APSCUF Rep Council.

B. Pistole initiated a discussion concerning the changes UWUCC want to make on the Liberal
Studies Revision draft document. The following considerations were discussed:

  • Pistole will put the history of the meetings in the intro beginning with the first meeting which was at the request/suggestion of President Werner.
  • For the LS electives- should the wording remain “200 or higher” (page 11)? It was agreed to remove this line.
  • Page 10- Global/Multicultural—should the sentence concerning foreign languages be deleted? The discussion centered on whether or not intermediate foreign language courses, which currently count for “Non-Western Culture” should be separately listed that they will count towards the new Multicultural/Global requirement if they meet the criteria. After extensive discussion no resolution of the issue.
  • There was also discussion of whether or not the definition of global was adequate.
V. Items for Review/ Possible Action:
A. 10-59 FSMR 281 Fashion Brand Merchandising, distance education
  • Course Outcomes #4, #10 and #12 have words missing and/or typos (In syllabi and the course analysis questionnaire).
  • On a Boser/Lewis motion the course was provisionally approved with McCombie abstaining.
B. 10-60 LBST 499 The Atomic Bomb and its Impact, distance education
  • Concern about using videos because copyright laws prohibit use of videos in DE courses that are not in the public domain.
  • Students being required to make a video tape with no mention of required equipment listed on syllabus.
  • On a Baumler/Boser motion the proposal was returned to address these issues.
C. 10-61a COMM 150 Aesthetics and Theory of Communications Media, distance education
  • The hours listed on the syllabus need to be labeled as hours to complete assignment.
  • On a Boser/Deckert motion the course was provisionally approved.
D. 10-61b COMM 271 Beginning Photography, distance education
  • On a Boser/Lewis motion, the course was approved

E. 10-62 CRIM 410 Race, Ethnicity, Social Structure and Crime, distance education
  • On a Boser /Deckert motion, the course was approved with Lewis abstaining.

F. 10-52c B.S. Applied Mathematics, program deletion
  • On a Potts/Lewis motion, the program was deleted.

G. 10-6 Pre-Law Interdisciplinary Minor, program revision
  • On a Boser/Baumler motion, the revision was approved with Deckert abstaining.
It was decided that the March 1 meeting will extend beyond 5:00. A light meal will be provided.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:04 PM.
Respectfully submitted,
Todd Potts/ Sally McCombie