Undergraduate Research Office

A professor assisting a student with their research.

Start a project. Get creative. Work with a mentor. Build that real-life experience. The undergraduate research office at IUP is your central spot to find, conduct, and present your research and creative activities. Last year, more than 200 undergraduates across campus participated in research projects.

The Benefits of Research and Creative Activities as an Undergrad

Learning isn't always by the book. Your college experience is full of great classes but applying what you're learning is just as important to your future. That's where research, scholarly and creative activities come in.

Imagine applying to grad school or a future employer right after college. Now, imagine applying while already showing real-life experience and the difference your projects have made. Just as importantly, research helps you better understand what you learn in your classes. Better grades, better career opportunitieswhat's not to love?

The skills you'll learn are not just related to your field. In your projects, you'll improve in those soft skills employers tend to love - teamwork, project management, critical thinking, data analysis, and more.

Finding the Right Research Opportunities

It's never too early. We welcome anyone from freshmen to graduating seniors. Once we know the direction you want to look in, we'll point you the right way:

  • For-credit options that add to your transcript and might be required by your classes.
  • Non-credit options, if you just cannot wait to apply that knowledge.
  • U-SOAR, our summer research experience that pairs you with a professor for original work.

You might not know where to start looking for the right project. We'll work with you to find both on-campus opportunities and external options.

How we can Help You Conduct and Present Your Research

Getting started on any project can be daunting. Fortunately, IUP's system of research offices designed to help students is pretty comprehensive. We can help you familiarize yourself with:

Of course, getting the project done is just one part of the equation. Our office will help you prepare to present your work, from making posters to oral presentations and more. We can even help you get your project seen at the IUP Scholars Forum and other, external conferences.

Supporting Undergraduate Student Research at IUP

Help us continue to offer our students the support they need to conduct their research and get creative in all majors. Professors interested in working more closely with students should also reach out. Working closely with a student allows you to get multiple perspectives on your project, while mentoring a potential future leader in your field. We can help professors learn more about funding opportunities and find mentor/mentee matches.