Research Project

Learning Biochemical Techniques

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Majumdar

What is your research?

I started working with Dr. Majumdar in fall and was planning to continue my research with him this summer under U-SOAR program. Due to current non-face-to-face restrictions, we have changed our plan of in-lab research to focus on learning different techniques in protein biochemistry from home that I'll be using in my future research. I'll also read research articles related to those techniques and understand their applications to my current project.

Why is it important?

It is extremely important to understand the theoretical basics of different biochemical techniques in order to apply them efficiently for research. Under Dr. Majumdar's supervision I'll be learning theories of all techniques important to my research. This learning practice will help me fully prepared to jump into my research with full understanding as soon as face-to-face research resumes at IUP.

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